Programs for Students

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English Classes for Children

Learning English at a young age gives children a distinct advantage as their brains can easily adapt to new and different environments. Did you know that learning a second language early in life can also improve skills like problem solving and creativity? It has also been said that learning English early in life can help prevent against age related mental health issues.

In our environment your child will be exposed to high quality and highly educated teachers with Native English and Vietnamese backgrounds. Exposure to Native English speakers at an early age is essential for establishing good pronunciation of English words and phrases.

Available Courses: Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

English Classes for Teen Aged Students

Teenagers in Vietnam have very busy lives but there is no better time to improve English skills than during these ages. Students who study a second language often achieve higher test scores on important assessments like National examinations, IELTS or SAT scores. We help students advance reading and comprehension skills, improve study habits, gain confidence, and understand more about western culture. Learning English well requires important technical skills but also a broader understanding of the world.

Our students get weekly exposure to all of the important aspects that will be needed to succeed in life. The important perspectives students learn in life can also lead to a better understanding of their own language and culture.

Available Courses: Beginner Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level

Exam Preparation

Doing well on exams is very important for students in Vietnam. High stakes exams can open access to better quality high school education, higher level university programs and access to foreign universities. Your child’s performance on these activities is too important to risk. We can provide learners with accurate assessments of their current skill levels in important areas of assessment. Then we build up the weaknesses and help students reach their highest potential.

Our customized Educational Technologies will give your child the advantage they need to achieve their highest potential. We use data analytics to assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses so we can understand how to efficiently focus their attention on the areas that will help them improve the most.

Available Courses: IELTS Preparation (all levels),Vietnamese National High School Exam Preparation, Vietnamese National Examination Preparation